Sovereignty and World Organizations

Someone once asked if the UN had any power over the US, or any other countries. While it is a governing body of a sort, it only has as much power as the individual nations within it allow.

As a sovereign nation, the US, or any country for that matter, has its own laws to abide by (even if it doesn’t always do that). The UN is comprised of members from select countries. They have votes and help to regulate world politics, but why does it seem like they never truly do a whole lot? It’s certainly a method for communication, and keeping peace between countries, but overall it doesn’t get much of a say in how the US does things.

This is because the US is its own country, like the UK, France, Iran, Argentina, Australia, Russia, etc… Because of that, our country wants to run things on its own terms, without the influence of other nations telling us what to do. Letting the UN help dictate world policies, however good its intentions might be, simply will not work until countries can allow such outside influence within the governing practices.

If the world was made of five countries, and three of them voted to end the killing of cows, the other two can shrug and do their own thing because, unless one is set up, there is no agreement to live by the majority decisions of other nations. As a tool, world organizations are a powerful method that can bring the world together to talk. However, it’s only the disapproval of other nations that has any real influence in them, because no country wants to give up a piece of their sovereignty to other nations.


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