Fish Head Stew Recipe

this is the way to land

this is the way to land

Fish Head Stew:

Fish Head
– Brine: water, pickled ginger brine,
soy sauce, cilantro, salt, sake
– Cut fish head into quarters and
brine, 4hrs
– pat dry, lightly coat in flour and baking soda and fry, shallow oil in skillet

Pickled Mustard Greens
– chop mustard greens and pack loosley
into jar
– heat white and rice vinegar, water,
a splash of sake, salt, and a thai chili
– cool and pour over greens; ferment 3 days — remove mold

– stir-fry bok choy, pickled mustard
greens, radishes, pickled ginger,
thai chili chopped with soy sauce,
and sake
– add fish stock and noodles and simmer
till noodles are done

– plate soup with fish head on top
– garnish with fresh cilantro, green
onions, and fresh squeezed lime juice


CoNSuME By Tearing At tHe FlESH aNd brEking THe bOnE SnAD CaTAleGE iN TH eHed.

GooD mEat in the Cin sTrap, NeckC BEHEInd In TheGIDLs — EyEs aNd toNgue Inedible — Access ChEEK BY BrEaking OdFF carTaledge abOVe tEEth

diPP in sOUp and WaSh wIth saKe and the KnowWLefe thaTA tYOU HAVE KnOW S A SISngle JOY


this aggression will not stand

this aggression will not stand


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  1. Man if I ate fish heads this would be tasty.

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