All good things must come to an end

It was a cold day to be working the beat this October. But this case was anything but pleasant for police chief grimace. This town was dying, slowly and painfully. It’s inhabitants bleeding out and leaving and this case had hit an artery it seemed. Four bodies found. Each mangled and twisted apart, left for dead on the concrete. We had an artist on our streets but police chief grimace never liked the arts. To subjective, no real depth to any of it. In short he just didn’t understand a bunch of bugs playing the system, but this, this he knew. The hamburger was back in town and to tonight’s victim only reinforced this. A fine young cheese burger left for bear. Her cheese pulled out and 20ft away laid a small box with a twisted smile painted on it. His calling card. Inside was a note “HOLD THE ONIONS I SAID” and below that laid the poor girls onions. “It’s like some kind of sick joke sir” said deputy McDonald. A young rookie who grimace was positive moonlight and the local tranny bar ‘mcnugget’, why else would he be wearing lipstick at a time like this. “I told the mayor this wouldn’t happen again. He’s gonna have my balls.” Grimace was up for retirement and mayor burger was running for senate. Both didn’t need this shit


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